Use Eucalyptus Oil As An Effective Home Remedy

When people discovered the therapeutic properties of eucalyptus, they wanted to cultivate it outside the Australian continent. Today, these wonderful trees live in many parts of the world. Eucalyptus is valued not only for its pulp and wood, but especially for the oil it produces from its leaves.

To make eucalyptus essential oil, the leaves are first dried, then crushed, and finally distilled. The result is a fairly concentrated substance that must be diluted to ensure safer medicinal use.

Eucalyptus leaves and oil have long been known to be a good cough remedy. For this reason, the oil is often used as one of the main ingredients in pharmaceutical products for the treatment of coughs.

Eucalyptus oil creams and ointments applied to the chest provide welcome relief from the cough symptoms commonly associated with colds and flu.

Certaines toux peuvent durer longtemps, et personne ne souhaite qu’il en soit ainsi. L’une des façons d’éviter cela est d’inhaler une vapeur qui contient de l’huile essentielle d’eucalyptus. L’arôme qu’elle évapore aide à se débarrasser du mucus tenace qui aime souvent s’accrocher à votre gorge et à votre poitrine.

The benefits of eucalyptus are now known to many cultures around the world. Australian aborigines were the first to use eucalyptus leaves to heal various wounds and guard against infection.

Eucalyptus’ ability to relieve swelling and pain resulting from inflammation is widely used in analgesic creams and gels that help treat minor wounds, burns and other similar conditions.

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