Top 10 Best Life Insurance Covers in South Africa

However, the top 10 are not listed in any particular order. This overview is intended to help you choose the insurance policies that are best for you.

Here are the top 10 life insurance companies in South Africa in 2022.

  1. metropolitan life insurance

Metropolitan offers life insurance that is synonymous with affordability, Metropolitan Life Insurance is one of the cheapest life insurance companies in South Africa and caters to the poor. Not many life insurance companies cater to low-income earners, but Metropolitan does very well, offering R100 000 cover for a low premium.

Metropolitan also caters to wealthy people who want to invest millions of dollars on their life. It is also possible to add disability insurance and critical illness insurance to go with your life insurance. So if you need a combination of life insurance products, Metropolitan can help.

  1. FNB Life Insurance

    In addition, FNB Life Insurance offers its customers favorable life insurance coverage. You can combine life insurance with occupational disability insurance and critical illness insurance. If you want to protect your income, you can also purchase income protection insurance.
  2. This coverage includes funeral expenses of R30 000 and you do not have to pay any additional premium. FNB has the most loyal customers in the South African life insurance industry. According to SA-CSI, it not only has the most loyal customers, but also offers the best customer service in South Africa. It offers.

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