How Your Body Can Change if You Regularly Eat Pumpkin Seeds

It’s not so easy to remove the seeds from the pumpkin: they don’t seem to want to separate from the mother’s body, which clings to its protective existence. That’s probably why nature made them so slimy and sticky. But once you overcome their resistance – or just buy them at the supermarket – you’ll appreciate the intrinsic benefits of eating them.

Pumpkin seeds can be added to breads, smoothies or pancakes, or eaten as a healthy snack or appetizer. They are loaded with a host of nutrients, from essential antioxidants to fiber and protein. Their benefits include digestive, heart and weight management support. Eating pumpkin seeds frequently will certainly improve your health and may even prolong your life. If you’re thinking about eating them regularly, be prepared for all the following to happen to you very soon:

Pumpkin seeds are full of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. They are high in zinc, magnesium and fatty acids which play an important role in protecting your heart from potential dangers. High blood pressure and bad cholesterol (or LDL) are the most alarming factors that often lead to cardiovascular problems.

Science has found that elements in pumpkin seeds can help improve cholesterol and blood pressure profiles. One study of postmenopausal women found that pumpkin seed oil supplementation could increase their good (or HDL) cholesterol and lower their diastolic blood pressure.

Another investigation by Egyptian scientists found that pumpkin seed oil and its active ingredient called nitric oxide were able to widen human blood vessels by increasing blood flow and inhibiting the growth of plague.

Fiber and other nutrients contained in pumpkin seeds will work as a driving force for your digestive system. They will create additional bulks to your stools while providing energy and support for optimal well-being. Consumption of pumpkin seeds leads to better metabolism rates and, as a result, better weight management and even its reduction (if needed).

Phosphorus, which pumpkin seeds are rich in, is associated with its impact on weight loss. The results of research published in Nutrition and Diabetes professional journal stated that that supplements with phosphorus had a positive effect on the body weight of experimental subjects. The 12 weeks participation in the study also led to the reduction of their waistlines and BMI (Body Mass Indexes).

The body’s inflammatory response is closely related to the content and quality of omega fatty acids. It turns out that these little seeds are full of omega-3s that decrease inflammatory processes in the body. In addition, the phosphorus and zinc in pumpkin seeds are able to reduce joint pain and strengthen your bones.

It has also been found that pumpkin seed oil can minimize inflammation in laboratory rats with arthritis syndrome. What’s more, the rats in this particular study experienced no side effects – while other rats used in another study had multiple adverse reactions. The lack of side effects is an important finding that has put pumpkin seed oil at the top of the list of possible natural remedies for inflammation caused by arthritis.

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